School Website
Beautiful, professional and modern school website with a user friendly admin backend for updating contents. Easily update school photo gallery, add menus and site contents as it suits your purpose. Site is optimized for search engine. It also comes with SSL for security.

Student Records Management
Maintain students registration details. Easily search for the details of any particular child. Student registration details also includes the child’s passport photograph which is added either by direct upload or live capture.

Automatic Result Compilation
Examination results are processed and compiled from the primary scores. All derived values such as totals, averages, positions,  grades and remarks are automatically processed and a professional looking examination result sheet generated. This module support both entering of scores offline using excel sheets and also entering scores online.

Student Migration
Efficiently migrate students within the register. This module supports promoting student from one class to the other, changing student status to transfer or graduating student from the school at completion. All records are maintained on the system for reference purposes.

Grading Management
Grading conditions are easy to implement. System support multiple grading schemes, that is, you can setup a grading scheme for JSS and different grading scheme for SSS classes or simply use a general grading scheme for primary school.

Assessment Notification
CA scores of students/pupils can be sent to parents phone as SMS. This will help parents to constantly monitor their children’s performance on the go all through the term, without the need to wait till end of term for the final result.

Comments and Remarks
Examination results comments and remark can be set to be automatic based on user defined presets, or it can be set to be manually entered or both.

Traits Assessment
Portal provides a user friendly interface for capturing psychomotor traits and affective domains. Ratings are made available in the generated examination result sheets.

Online Checking of Results
Parent have access to an online Student Panel where they can check all examination results of their children at their convenience and from any location they may be.

Online Fees Payment
Fees payment can be made online using a secured and efficient payment gateway integrated into the portal and mobile app. To make payments, parents can either login to the Student Portal online or through our mobile app (BetaPikin). As soon as payment is successful, school will receive funds in its bank account and the student payment history will be automatically updated.

Generate Bill/Invoice
System generates termly bill for students. Special charges, such as damages, can be easily added to the bill of any particular student at any point in time. Generated bills are available in Student Panel and on mobile app from where parents can pay online if they wish or view school bank details to pay fees into.

Student Payment and Billing History
Student billing and payment history is available on the system. This will eliminate problem of errors or loss receipt or documents.

Staff Records Management
Maintain records for past and current staff.

Staff Role Assignment
Distribute roles such as subject teacher, class master, administrator, etc to staff. This also ensures parents are able to chat and interact with the appropriate teacher or staff using the mobile app (BetaPikin App).

Payroll Management
Process staff monthly payroll and effectively manage deductions and benefits. Batch payment of salary can also be executed in this module. All histories are maintained for easy reference.

Teaching Timetable
Manage teaching time table for teachers. This will make a teaching periods and details, for any particular subject teacher, available in the mobile app installed and setup on the teachers phone.

Messaging System
Send custom SMS to any particular, category or all parents/guardians. Messages can be bill reminder that will automatically determine and contain outstanding bill of any particular student, Student Panel access details or any other customized message.

Expenses Management
Keep track of your school expenses with this module.

Financial Projection and Budgeting
View the term's financial projection at a glance. System also has a comprehensive school budget management.

User Access Management
Access to admin panel is controlled so that users only have access to modules to which he or she has been granted rights. This ensures only authorized staff can view, add or modify records in the admin panel.